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Harry Max

Executive player-coach, consultant, and hands-on product design leader with vision and a solid grasp on operations. And author of the forthcoming book, Managing Priorities: How to Create Better Plans and Make Smarter Decisions (est. pub 4/2024)Curious to learn more about Managing Priorities? Please join my email list for updates.


A silent leader at heart, I am a fractional executive and coach specializing in working with product, design, and technology leaders to help them realize their visions, build great teams, and zero in on pragmatic solutions to complex challenges.My experience includes having been a founder/CEO, operational leader, consultant, or executive coach with start-ups, innovators, and global brands, including Apple, Adobe, DreamWorks, Google, HP, Informatica, Microsoft, Normative, PayPal, Rackspace, SGI, Skype, Symantec, and Yotascale.An NLP Master Practitioner and Hoffman Institute graduate, I completed the Aspen Institute Tech Executive Leadership Initiative (TELI) and am wrapping up a book on prioritization for business.

Executive Player-Coach

A trusted thinking partner for professional development, career expansion, complex problem-solving. Collaborating in times of rapid growth, transformations, uncertainty, and great opportunity to provide clarity, focus, and decisive action.Clients include high-performers, operational leaders, founders, and executives who find themselves in need of a technology-savvy collaborator who can ask tough questions in a caring way, cut to the heart of the matter quickly, and offer innovative yet pragmatic solutions.

Intervention Strategies

Thoughtful but incisive, I aim to create the intellectual and emotional space to get to the heart of the 'problem' using probing questions that prompt people to be deeply honest with themselves. I wield a rich depth of knowledge and experience from new businesses to global brands; plus razor-sharp, real-time awareness, and analysis to parse complex challenges and opportunities for situations of all types: start-ups, turnarounds, accelerating growth, realignments, and ongoing success. Assertively presents observations, insights, questions, and recommendations that prompt deep insight leading to positive, sustainable change:

  • Executive Coaching: More of a trusted thinking partner than coach, my clients include executives, founders, extraordinary talent, and leadership teams who find themselves in need of a seasoned collaborator when the stakes are high.

  • Hands-on Executive: Best described by one of my clients as "glue," I work up, down, and across the organization to help close critical gaps and effectively manage the whitespace between functions and teams to get traction and make progress in the face of uncertainty and change.

  • Consulting: Collaborating effectively to provide clarity, focus, and decisive action through strategic conversations, design thinking, creative problem solving, prioritization, roadmap planning, and flawless execution. For leaders in need of a fresh, external perspective; someone who can diagnose, demystify, and offer innovative yet pragmatic solutions.

  • **Workshops & Training: ** Currently offering hands-on workshops on prioritization and the proprietary DEGAPTM methodology. In addition to covering the basics of improved effectiveness, the main focus of this training is the applied knowledge of the process model, techniques, frameworks, and tools to improve outcomes at scale.

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